A downloadable game for Windows

A 3D game that is controlled by the Tobii EyeX eye tracking peripheral device, creating an innovative user experience. Scroll down to Download.

How to Play: Make sure your Tobii EyeX device is plugged in, then launch the executable. Depending on if you look with your eyes to the left, middle or right of the game area, your turtle pirate will shoot water balloons in that direction at enemies. Don't let the enemies get too close or you will lose health, if your health hits 0, its Game Over. Destroy as many enemies as you can for a high score!

If you do not have a Tobii EyeX device, you can test by using the QWE keys as controls. Q-  Look Left, W- Look in The Middle, E- Look Right

Credits: Programmed in Unity3D with C# by Evan Leider and Mathew Mallory, Art created in MagicaVoxel by Mathew Mallory

Install instructions

Scroll down to Download, extract the .zip to a folder, and then open videoGamesAndEyeTrackingInterfaces.exe to play the game. Please read the included README.txt for controls and more information.


Video Games and Eye-Tracking Interfaces.zip 14 MB